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Exploring Creatine as a New Therapeutic Avenue for Alzheimer’s Disease

By December 13, 2023 No Comments

Alzheimer’s disease remains the most common neurodegenerative condition, currently affecting over six million older adults in the United States alone. The conventional strategy has been to develop treatments targeting amyloid-β plaques, a characteristic biomarker of the disease. However, the efficacy of such treatments has been questionable, prompting researchers to look for alternative targets.

One such target is the creatine system in the brain, which is vital for maintaining energy metabolism. Disruptions in this system have been observed in AD, leading to the hypothesis that creatine supplementation could improve brain bioenergetics, cognition, and AD biomarkers, as demonstrated in AD mouse models. Intriguingly, despite these promising findings, the benefits of creatine supplementation have not yet been tested in humans with AD.

The article outlines the importance of the brain’s creatine system in both energy production and cognitive function. It delves into the potential mechanisms through which creatine could exert therapeutic effects, including antioxidant properties and the modulation of classical AD pathologies. Furthermore, the peripheral benefits of creatine, such as enhanced muscle function, may also play a role in treatment strategies.

In conclusion, the research presented in the article lays a strong foundation for the hypothesis that creatine could be a beneficial supplement in the prevention and early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. However, the need for clinical trials in humans is paramount to fully understand the potential of this approach. I believe this could be a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to combat this debilitating disease.


Article Credit: Science Direct


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