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Healthy Habits Can Lengthen Your Life

Americans don’t live as long as people in most other high-income countries. Heart disease and cancer are 2 of the top leading causes of death

Eat Healthy

Diet & Nutrition

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Depending on the statistics that you look at, “holiday” weight gain ranges from 2- 10, or more, pounds. Some of the variances are how people

Eating Healthy On The Go

We are busy! Some days, like it or not, there is no time to smell the roses. How in the world are we supposed to

Top 3 Diet Mistakes

Mistake 1: Not Setting Your Goal Up Properly  This goes beyond basic goal setting which is what most people do. Goal setting is key, however,

Digestion & Gut Health

Have you ever heard that your gut is your second brain? Scientists are linking our overall health including digestive, mental, and physical health to our

Exploring Meal Frequency

MYTH 1 Keep The Metabolism “Stoked” The most common argument that is used to for eating as often as possible is that it increased your

Understanding Net Carbs

What is a net carb? FDA does not define a net carbs and they have no real legal definition in the nutrition world. Manufacturers of

Get Moving

Exercise & Workout Tips

A Holistic Look At Cardio

Recently it has come to light that trained individuals who exercise 3-4 days per week do not see a lot of significant fat loss from

Understanding Body Fat

There are a lot of misconceptions as to how percent body fat relates to appearing lean or being able to “see your abs”.  How is

How to Build Muscles

You’ve heard the old saying “train hard” and while this is true, if you are looking to make adding a muscle a true priority then

A Deep Dive Into Cardio

Recently it has come to light that in trained individuals who exercise 3-4 days per week that they do not see a lot of significant

Benefits Of L Citrulline

L-citrulline is an amino acid produced in the liver and intestine. This means that the body can make it on its own. It can also

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What's New With Next Level Sports Nutrition?