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What You Need To Know About Post Workout Products

By October 14, 2021 December 29th, 2021 No Comments

When we workout intensely, we damage our tissues at a microlevel, and we use our body’s fuel. This is what ultimately makes us leaner, stronger, fitter, and more muscular, but in the short term it needs repairing. 

Repair and rebuilding occurs through the breakdown of damaged, old proteins (also called protein breakdowns) and the construction of new ones (or protein synthesis). This is known as protein turnover. Muscle protein synthesis in increased slightly after resistance workouts, while protein breakdown increases dramatically, and our bodies end up doing more breaking down than building up.

When it comes to post workout nutrition, remember that your body deals with nutrients differently at different times, depending on the activity. What you consume before, during, or after a workout is very important. By consuming certain nutrients after your workouts you improve your body’s composition, performance, and overall recovery. 

In most cases, post workout nutrition has 3 main purposes: Replenish glycogen, decrease protein breakdown, and increase protein synthesis. So when you exercise you want to replenish you energy stores, increase muscle size and quality, and repair any damage caused by the workout.

Benefits of good post workout nutrition include the following:

Improved recovery

Less muscle soreness

Increased ability to build muscle

Improved immune function

Improved bone mass

Improved ability to utilize body fat

The best part is these benefits work for anyone, regardless of gender or age.

All of this information can be a lot to learn, so if you have any questions on your post workout needs, please reach out to us, or stop by one of our locations. All of our staff is highly trained to help you with all of your health and fitness needs. We want to see you succeed, and we are here to help you along the way!

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