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Tips For Staying Focused on Your Goals This Summer

By October 14, 2021 December 29th, 2021 No Comments

Heading into summer is exciting! These months are jam-packed with vacations, graduations, and outdoor fun with friends and family. During this time, we all seem to “bend” on our normal routines. The one area in your life that may be the hardest to keep in check is your health and wellness plan. 

Changes in schedules, hot weather, and vacations are all barriers that keep us from sticking to our health and wellness plan. Try these 5 tips to make sure you’re setting aside time for your health this summer.

Remember your motivation

Think about what specifically made you want to embark on this journey in the first place. Do you remember the day you set your goal? How did you feel, and what did you hope for yourself? Sometime we need to reflect back in order to move forward.

Make a health and wellness plan for summer

When setting out to achieve any goal you most likely make a plan and write it down. You’re more likely to follow through with your exercise routine and wellness goals if you do the same. 

Don’t let temporary lapses turn into full blown relapses

“Falling off the wagon” is normal, but be sure to jump back on! Evaluate why the lapse occurred and how you can prevent it from throwing you off in the future.

Rise and shine

We all dread the sound of an alarm clock. However, if you get up and get moving, you’ll most likely be more active during the rest of the day. 

Keep your workouts quick but effective

We’re more likely to stick to our goals if we feel a sense of accomplishment. If you are struggling to get your workouts in, try to plan for workouts that last 25 to 30 minutes. Even on days you don’t want to, remind yourself that working out shouldn’t be a punishment, but a celebration that you’re able to. 

Mix things up a bit

Maybe you’re tired of the healthy lunch you’ve been packing for the last 2 months, or maybe you’re getting bored with your typical exercise routine. Mix things up with an interesting new recipe or maybe a group exercise.

Include others

The summer months allow us to change up our workouts and spend more time outside enjoying the weather. Instead of hitting up the gym, go for a family run or hit hiking trails. Include others such as colleagues and friends and set a monthly workout challenge.

Find inspiration in others

Hearing how others have overcome similar setbacks can reinvigorate your dedication to stick with your healthy habits.

Get your ZZZ’s

While the summer months are fun, we still need rest. Routines may vary greatly during this season but be sure to get 7 to nine hours of sleep each night to feel well rested the next day. Another reason to get adequate sleep each night is for the mood boost. Your brain processes emotion during rest time, and less sleep can cause more negative emotions.

Celebrate your success!!

No achievement is too small. Recognizing what you can do keeps your motivated, and giving yourself little rewards along the way is an effective catalyst for change. 

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