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Your insurance policy. No matter the goal, consistency is key. In order to keep your body anabolic, you need to maintain muscle protein synthesis. Doing that isn’t always convenient. This is where Anabolic Bridge comes in. You can utilize Anabolic Bridge to stay in the anabolic state when food and shakes aren’t on hand. It simply bridges the gap between meals to make sure you stay consistent.
  • Accelerate Muscle Growth
  • Stimulate Peak Amino Acid Levels
  • Promote Muscle Protein Synthesis

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Delivers Essential Amino Acids, Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis, Maintains a Constant Anabolic State

THE SCIENCE: The human body uses approximately twenty amino acids to make proteins. Your body cannot produce some of these amino acids; these are referred to as essential amino acids. Because your body cannot produce them, it is vital that you get them from external sources, either through foods, supplementation or ideally – BOTH.

The cutting-edge science available has shown that if you want to grow muscle, improve your body composition or get the optimal results from your training program, you need consistent shots of essential amino acids in your diet throughout the day.Essential amino acids are needed to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which directly impacts how much muscle your body can build. This is exactly why many athletes use protein supplements and high protein diets … because essential amino acids are directly responsible for building muscle! When you eat a meal or take a protein supplement containing the essential amino acids, it elevates the amino acid levels in your blood and at the same time stimulates muscle protein synthesis, however, research has shown that after approximately 2 hours, your blood amino levels begin to return to normal and as your blood amino levels return to normal, your body’s muscle protein synthesis decreases as well. This causes your body to go from an anabolic state of building muscle to a catabolic state of breaking it down, which is definitely not what you want. Other than drinking a protein shake or eating a meal every 2 hours all day long, there was very little that could be done to offset this dip in blood amino levels … until now; Enter Anabolic Bridge™*.

Anabolic Bridge was specifically formulated with the precise ratio of essential amino acids based on cutting-edge science to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis. This maximum stimulation of muscle protein synthesis will drastically improve your body’s ability to grow lean muscle tissue. Anabolic Bridge is designed to bridge the catabolic gap for the times when you are going longer than 2 hours without a protein shake or meal and your body is starting to become catabolic. Anabolic Bridge provides an additional shot of essential amino acids in the precise ratio corresponding to the availability of each amino acid in your skeletal muscle tissue and based on the requirements of each amino acid to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis and keep your body anabolic all day long.Bridge the catabolic gap with Anabolic Bridge.

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