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AstroFlav® was started by a couple of us who, for years, worked in supplement stores. Through one-on-one interactions and listening to what customers said, we realized that they felt the supplement industry was ignoring their needs. We were able to learn what consumers wanted through direct customer feedback. That made us want to build a high-trust company in a currently low-trust industry, where we could focus on customer service and satisfaction. Through the passion we share with our clientele, we lead with compassion, bringing trust & integrity back to everyone trying to make changes in their lives because we know that is all they would ask of us.

Born from years and countless hours dedicated to understanding what people want and need, AstroFlav® is the people’s brand. We pride ourselves in bringing you premium supplements that will get you to where you want to be, along with Out Of This World Flavors™, we sell an experience rather than a product.