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Overcoming Frustrations on your Fitness Journey

By February 20, 2023 No Comments

Time is finite. With work, kids, and a social life, it may seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in a workout. But health cannot be an afterthought. You only get one body and you must prioritize its care! While it is easy to make excuses and say there is not enough time, you can also choose to find a way to MAKE time for your health.

With a busy schedule, planning is key. Look ahead at obligations for the week and actually schedule workouts in a calendar. Consider the schedule for each day, making a commitment to block out time to train. This practice makes time excuses less valid and supports self-discipline. Strategically planning reasonable workout times also supports compliance. Planning 30 minutes to workout five to six days per week might work for some people, while others will find it easier to commit one hour, three times per week. Choose a structure that works for your schedule and preferences.



Combining activities can create a means to add movement to busy days. Spending time with friends? Suggest a physical activity to do together. Staying late to work extra hours? Set a timer to get up and take five-minute walks every 30 minutes. It will help clear your mind and ensure you aren’t sitting too long. With a packed schedule, sneak in extra movement whenever possible. Parking farther from entrances, taking the stairs, and walking while talking on the phone are all great ways to move more.

The key takeaway to remember is living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always look the same. Creating healthy habits that you can stick to when you are busy, stressed, or injured are important. It is okay if your efforts are on a sliding scale—nobody is perfect all the time. Sometimes you make big leaps toward improvement, sometimes there are baby steps, and sometimes you trip and fall backward! As long as you get up and recommit to making choices which support a healthy lifestyle, progress will continue. Each meal is a chance to make a healthy choice. Every day offers time to move more. Celebrate successes and dust yourself off when you make a mistake and fall. Just keep going!

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