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How To Make Time For Workouts When You Don’t Have Any Time

By October 15, 2021 March 17th, 2022 No Comments

If you are living a busy life and trying to balance your work, personal life, or family responsibilities, it can be difficult to find the time for exercise in your day. If you are very busy, you may feel that when you do have free time you want to spend it doing something you enjoy and exercise may not be at the top of your list. Even getting in a small amount of exercise can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health and it is important to try and make time for it. Here are some ways that you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine without it having to eat into your free time.

1. Prioritize walking or cycling

You may feel that you rarely have the chance to walk or cycle if your work is far away and you have a long commute. Although you may not be able to walk to work, make sure you are walking throughout the day at work. Walk to lunch, take the long way to the restroom, or just get up and walk around the building.

2. Exercise at lunch time

If you get an hour for lunch you probably have time to fit in some exercise while still having time to eat. Eating should be your priority at lunch, but you may be able to split your hour into two and use the first half to take a walk, jog, do some stretching or other exercise that is easy to do at work. If you spend most of your time during the day sitting at a desk, it is important to regularly get up and move your body. Exercise does not always have to be for long periods of time, what is important is that you are moving your muscles and body, and increasing your heart rate. 

3. Put exercise into your daily activities 

There are plenty of ways that you can bring more exercise into your daily activities. Using the stairs instead of an elevator can be an easy way of fitting in exercise. Walking your dog for longer distances or parking your car further away from the place you are going can help to increase the amount of time you are active for. 

4. Practice yoga at home

Finding an exercise that you enjoy doing and helps you relax will make it easier for you to make time for it during your day. Yoga is a great example of an exercise that you can do at home, with limited equipment that can help you wind down. 

5. Use the time when you are waiting for something

Often when we are at home, there will be times when we are waiting for something such as waiting for a load of clothes to finish or waiting for dinner to be ready. During these down times you can take  do small exercises such as skipping, squats or sit ups. Exercising for small periods throughout the day can be an effective way of getting active without feeling that you have to commit a lot of your free time to it.

6. Exercise in the morning

If you have a busy daily routine, a handy way to fit exercise in is to do it in the morning. Getting up half an hour earlier than you normally do can give you time to go for a quick walk, jog or exercise at home. By exercising during a time when you normally would sleep, you can get active without feeling that is taking time away from things that are important to you during the day.

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